About my blog

     I remeber browsing through hundreds of webpages, looking up information on stealth planes. Most of those pages weren’t even websites, they were blogs! I started thinking: “Why can’t I create my own blog and upload everything that I have found out about the planes on it?” That’s how this blog came to life. I only wrote one tiny post about stealth aircraft (most of it was copied and pasted), but then the winter break ended and I simply didn’t have time to write anymore.

     It was winter ’09. I was taking ap calculus in high school. It was one of my favourite classes, however some of my friends had trouble with it. I was e-mailing them the solutions to review problems, old exams, etc… so that they could check their work and correct their mistakes. I got tired of server errors, disappearing e-mail attachments and decided to use this blog for calculus. I renamed it and started uploading my notes here.

    I just graduated from HS and might not know everything, but if you have any calculus questions, e-mail me your question and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I’ll do my best to help, maybe supply you with some resources on the topic!


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